Clear Pipes are pipes that are Appears In The Wii U game Super Mario 3D World. Like Warp Pipes
Clear Pipe Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
,they are used for traveling distances too far for a normal jump to reach. Unlike Warp Pipes, however, Clear Pipes are transparent, and the player can change direction while in one. Additionally, the player automatically enters vertical Clear Pipes without having to press a button. While traveling through Clear Pipes, the player cannot attack and is therefore vulnerable to any enemies inside them. Fuzzies and projectiles such as fireballs can travel through Clear Pipes. Such projectiles can be destroyed by Fire Flower fireballs or nearby red POW Blocks from outside the pipes. CoinsGreen StarsSpiked Balls and other objects can also be found either moving or stationary inside these pipes.
WiiU SuperMario scrn06 E3

Mario traveling through a Clear Pipe.


  • The idea of Clear Pipes was inspired by the producer of Super Mario 3D WorldKoichi Hayashida, who wondered what Mario did in Warp Pipes.

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