First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Species Origin Bird

Conkdors are bird enemies that make their first appearance in the Wii U game, Super Mario 3D World. They are blue and white condors with long necks, toucan-like beaks, a tuft of black hair and purple glasses. They also have a purple spiked shell, protecting their backs from being stomped. So far, they are shown to appear in World 2-1, Conkdor Canyon.

Similarly to Thwomps, these enemies stand still on a certain spot, waiting for the player. Once one gets near it, it slams their beak on the ground, which can cause damage to the player. However, doing this leaves their neck and head exposed, and both can be jumped on to defeat the enemy. Conkdors can also rotate, following the player. Their beaks can be used to break stone blocks as well.