WiiU SM3DW 10.01.13 Scrn01

Conkdor Canyon, or World 2-1, is the seventh regular level of Super Mario 3D World and the first one in World 2. It is unlocked via completing Bowser's Highway Showdown or by the secret warp in Koopa Troopa Cave, and its own completion unlocks Puffprod Peaks. It is set on an old-looking building and introduces Conkdors, the main enemies in here.


The first area contains a few Conkdors and Stingbys, as well as some ponds of quicksand and spring panels. Just after the third Conkdor encountered, atop a wall behind it there is a Warp Pipe that leads to a room with a golden P-Switch. The Checkpoint Flag is found near a small oasis with grass, and small pond with coins  in it, a palm tree and a Conkdor. 

Next, Mario must cross a bridge made of moving tiles, and then another bridge, this time a very narrow one, guarded by more Conkdors. The last part contains more Stingbies, a quicksand fall, and a long shifting bridge that leads to the Goal Pole.

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