Each level has Hidden 8-bit luigis in a level.

World 1 locationsEdit

World 1-1:Go to the Sprixie with binoculars. The luigi is behind the fence near the pond.

World 1-2:The luigi is seen before you go underground. Don't do anything, and change the camera to show the right. A crouching 8-bit luigi is shown.

World 1-3:Go to any of the trees in the beginning, and climb up. The luigi is in the shadow of the mountains highest tree.

World 1-4:In the beginning, there is a Luigi in the water

World 1-5:Go to the first spade-shaped mirror immediately. After a while, a luigi ill appear running aside the fence. This only happens once, so be quick!

World 1-castle Go to the wrap box quickly, and wait. A luigi will appear from the water, and back down near 450-440 seconds.

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