Invincibility Leaf
Invincibility Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
The Invincibility Leaf
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Series of origin Mario (series)
The Invincibility Leaf is a power-up that was introduced in Super Mario 3D LandIn Super Mario 3D Land, it only appears after Mario loses five lives in a level that is not already completed. It will not appear when re-visiting a completed level or a Special World level. Touching it will give Mario a shining white and golden Tanooki Suit, making him invincible, as the Super Star also does, but the invincibility lasts for the entire level.</p>

The Invincibility Leaf cannot be replaced by any power-up items. However, the Super Star item can still be used while the Invincibility Leaf is in effect.

To obtain the secret exits and unlock the hidden levels, the player must clear the level without using the Invincibility leaf.

The Invincibility Leaf has also been confirmed to be returning for Super Mario 3D World.


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