Puffprod Peaks, or World 2-2, is the eighth regular level of Super Mario 3D World and the second one in World 2. It is unlocked via completing Conkdor Canyon, and its own completion unlocks Really Rolling Hills. 15 Green Stars are required to access this level.

Layout Edit

The level starts in an area which has a platform which can be raised by touching it on the Wii U GamePad. After avoiding some Piranha Plants and Galoombas, the player reaches a set of platforms which must be activated through use of the GamePad. The Checkpoint Flag and a platform which can be raised by blowing through the microphone on the GamePad await, followed by a Warp Box which leads the player to the next area. After a network of the aforementioned platforms and a Piranha Plant-infested area, the player reaches some more platforms that can be activated by touching them on the GamePad that lead to the Goal Pole.

Green Stars Edit

Green Star 1: It's located on the left side of the crystal wall climb right before the Checkpoint Flag. It can be reached via Wall Jump.

Green Star 2: The players need to work their way on the fan platforms to reach a Cloud Cannon. The second Green Star is found at the end of the Coin Heaven.

Green Star 3: Near the end of the level, there are three crystal platforms. Underneath the third platform is a fan platform that leads to the last Green Star.

Stamp Edit

Near the beginning of the level, there are two levitating platforms. When the players levitates the platform on the right, they must go underneath it, leading to a room with the stamp and two Galoombas. The stamp is a Goomba.

Enemies Edit

Piranha Plants

Coin Coffers



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