Super Leaf
Tanooki Suit Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
The Super Leaf
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Series of origin Mario (series)

The Super Leaf is a powerup originally introduced in 'Super Mario Bros. 3, that transforms your character into a Tanooki Suit and is still in many new games, such as Super Mario 3D World, and Super Mario 3D Land.


The Tanooki Suit allows the player to swipe enemies with their tail, as well as allowing them to be able to prolong their jump, floating through the air, helping a player if the missed a jump, they can go back without dying.
487px-Tanooki Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Tanooki Mario


The Tanooki Suit was based off of the original Raccoon Suit, which was aqquired through a Super Leaf. Raccoon Suit has very similar abilites, but has a different appearance. The Tanooki Suit is very popular, even though it is old.

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